Saturday, November 06, 2004

Last point on gay marriage--I think :-)

Matt, appologies to those conservatives who hold the view that heterosexual couples cannot maintain steady relationships where homosexual couples are allowed to marry, but that's absolute bunk. Even if there is a correlation between a trend away from child rearing in marriage and homosexual marriage, it is just that, a correlation. I venture to say Nevada's marriage laws are more likely to undermine traditional marriage than gay marriage, but where's the uproar?

Having been raised by a single mother, I will refrain from telling you exactly what I think of people who imply that raising children out of wedlock is a blight on our society (not you, but it was implicit in the message you articulated). It's not so much the underlying assumption that I was doomed to wander the streets making a living by turning tricks and stealing that bothers me, it is the implication that I was fundamentally disadvantaged by being raised by my mother. I venture to say many people raised in "good, moral, christian, two-parent homes" could have benefitted from my mom's influence, a single school teacher who raised two boys on her own. Indeed many of her students did and still do. And I certainly learned a lot being raised primarily by a strong, independent woman who had to make her own way in the world and I will take to task anyone who thinks they were "parented" better simply because there parents were married.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, it's not just the reelection of Bush that bothers me, and it's not just that the Republicans won more seats in Congress, its which Republicans won. Senator-elect DeMint of South Carolina went on the record saying that single mothers should not be allowed to teach in public schools. He later retracted it, sort of, noting that it was a "local issue." You can imagine my thoughts on that. Before I changed the term to "unfamiliar," but that man is ignorant.